Sustainability Assessments

In a society, that attaches ever more value to natural resources and more specifically to the exhaustibility thereof, the aspect of durability has also become an essential ingredient in real estate developments and property issues.

Bopro wants to break the ‘circle of blame' that emerged because of no apparent parallel interests of various stakeholders in the real estate process. Thanks to our objective and independent approach, we try to get various parties on the same wavelength and tune everyone's need and value creation.

Our Real Estate LifeCycle approach plays a key role in this. The return of investment time of energy-saving measures is made transparent and the reduction of CO2 emissions is calculated.

Bopro measures the sustainability of your new development or existing real estate by carrying out assessments in accordance with nationally and internationally recognised assessments methods. This means that Bopro is one of the first Belgian companies in the possession of its license as BREEAM International Assessor.