Bopro is constantly looking for new, enthusiastic talent.

Bopro is a dynamic company that could offer you a challenging job opportunity in the near future.

At the moment we have the following vacancies Project ManagerReal Estate Consultant, Junior Consultant and Health and Safety Coordinator.

Please send your résumé and motivation letter for the above vacancies as well as for any spontaneous application to Nicole Sabo. We will read it with the necessary attention.

Building and electromagnetic engineers, masters in real estate, architects, property and facility managers, safety and health coordinators, environment coordinators,... as well as staff positions belong to the profiles to improve our company.

The Bopro team consists of young talent and experienced staff in a dynamic environment.

Bopro invests in its employees. Customized trainings, intensive exchange of knowledge and experience, based on a structured competence management guarantee an optimal use of your skills.

Looking forward to meeting you.