Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in a society that has come to expect responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship, with widespread acceptance of the rules of corporate governance as the prevailing standard. In 2008, Bopro adjusted its structure according to the recommendations for good governance from GUBERNA and welcomes our external directors Ivan De Witte, Philippe Janssens and Paul Yvon Billiet.

Housing and mobility have a major impact on sustainability and these are important national and international policy areas. It is precisely in these areas that Bopro plays an active role, allowing us to advise our clients in the broadest sense. No empty slogans or ideas, but a concrete approach in order to realise investments that are well-thought-out, economically responsible and sustainable.

"Sustainable entrepreneurship also means respecting fundamental values such as integrity, openness, trust and honesty." As a FRICS, I am committed to upholding, both in my professional and personal life, the values enshrined in the RICS Golden Standard (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and to ensuring that my staff and partners within Bopro share this attitude and these values as well.

Peter Garré
Managing Director